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Taking SIR-Spheres Delivery to Next Level



SIROS is designed to be simple to use yet versatile enough to allow expanded options for patient-tailored delivery.

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Part Number Part Name Description
SIR-10100 SIROS Delivery Dome Reusable Delivery Dome designed to facilitate the SIR-Spheres administration process and provide beta radiation shielding
SIR-10300 SIROS Delivery Set Sterile disposable tubing design to provide proper routing of dose and contrast media, and connections between the syringes, D-Vial and the microcatheter set
SIR-10200 SIROS D-Vial Prep Set SIROS D-Vial prep set is disposable and includes:
  • Sterile D-Vial designed to hold the SIR-Spheres. Supplied with sterile: vent needle (2), filters (2), 21 G  drawing up needle (1) and blue luer caps (2)
  • D-Vial holder designed to hold the D-Vial. A removable transport base is provided to support the holder during priming, loading, and transport
Additional hospital accessories required:
  • Two 20 mL luer lock syringes filled with non-iconic solution, either 5% dextrose/glucose solution (D5W/G5) or water for injection
  • Two 20 mL luer lock syringes filled with non-iconic contrast